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Trackback comes of age
Posted by Perry de Havilland
Tuesday, May 18, 2004 @ 01:05 PM
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There is a furore over popular blog publishing software Moveable Type's new licence arrangements continues to send shockwaves across the blogosphere. As it happens we adding additional non-MT software solutions anyway, but I think that what is really interesting about this incident is that trackback has truly come of age.

For those who do not known, trackback is a technology which alerts a blog that another blog has linked to a specific article.

Like many very thoughtful bloggers, I think SixApart have just taken their best weapon, pointed it right at their foot and pulled the trigger. Certainly we will be using Moveable Type more sparingly from now on.

But what really interests me is not the specifics of the future of Moveable Type software but rather the storm of hostile trackbacks have provided SixApart with magnificent and unequivocal information on what their market really thinks. The business implications for spontaneous feedback like that are almost inestimable. Of course that does not mean SixApart will correctly respond to the explosion at the core of their business model, but the fact is that the information they need to do exactly that has just landed on them in a very helpful and rather spectacular manner.

Trackback has come of age. It is now an indispensable feature for any commercially oriented blog.

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