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Blog as guerrilla marketing for companies
Posted by Adriana Cronin-Lukas
Wednesday, June 23, 2004 @ 02:03 PM
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I have always believed that blogs are the best available tool for companies to have a conversation with their customers at the moment. In a sense, letting your employees to talk directly with your customers is about breaking down the barrier created between the company as a collective entity and its markets and policed by PR and marketing departments.

Tearing down the wall is our battle cry and that is why this quote from BusinessWeek about blogs as the latest guerilla marketing tool kit for organisation is right up our street.

Until recently, the thought of employees blabbing freely to the masses about their work on company time - without the suits from PR hovering over them to stay "on message" - would have created panic in the executive suite. But in the past year, employee blogs have begun to multiply across Corporate America - and a growing number of companies approve....In an era of fragmented media, with companies struggling to get their message out any which way, blogs are becoming a kind of undercover megaphone. One way to think of them is as the latest guerrilla marketing tool, a new kind of brand bait.

We see our mission as convincing companies that 'marketing by megaphone' does not work and may actually be counter-productive. We also want to get across to them that there are other ways of making themselves seen and heard and that they do not have to wait until the McDonald's of this world decide to spurn monolithic marketing and come up with "brand journalism"...

via Robin Good

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