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People may eventually stop talking about 'blogs'
Posted by Perry de Havilland
Thursday, July 8, 2004 @ 10:57 AM
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... and the reason for that will be that blogs will be the internet, rather than just a differentiated part of it. The process is already observable because many of the people who read blogs are not actually aware that they are reading blogs. To them the difference between a website and a blog is not obvious, they just know that "some websites are updated much more often, and those are the ones I read and come back to". People do not read blogs because they are blogs, but rather because they are manifestly better than static websites.

In the foreseeable future the disintermediation of the 'webmaster' will be almost complete and a new generation of people who hardly know any html at all will be putting content on the internet. Either 'website' and 'blog' will eventually become synonyms, or one will just replace the other with all websites being what used to be called a 'blog'.

Blogs are the future of the internet but they may or not still be called blogs. But a rose by any other name...

girl_reaching_for_rose_sml.jpg smells of blog

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