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Daimler Chrysler employees are blogging
Posted by Jackie Danicki
Wednesday, July 14, 2004 @ 11:46 PM
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Jeff Jarvis, president and creative director of, Condé Nast's online arm, gave a presentation in Detroit to Daimler Chrysler today about citizens' media - including blogs. He has posted a bit about his experience here, and includes a link to an entry from one Daimler Chrysler internal blog, Crossbrand. The Daimler Chrysler employee who authors Crossbrand, Cleo, writes that:

I just find it hard to believe that tricking and forcing people to see ads is the way of the future. I'm all for engagement, conversations, and making what we're selling something worth talking, rather than shouting, about.

Kudos to Cleo for getting it. Now that you get it, keep spreading that meme - internally and externally.

Jeff is offering to give his presentation to anyone who wants to "hear the sermon," as he puts it. Jeff is a good guy with whom I have enjoyed conversing over the last year - about the personal, the political, and the blogworthy - and definitely one of the biggest blogevangelists you'll find outside the Big Blog Company. I know he has got plenty to say that's worth heeding, so do try to get your hands on him and his presentation if you are at all interested in the topic.

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