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More press about blogging for businesses
Posted by Adriana Cronin-Lukas
Thursday, July 29, 2004 @ 01:04 AM
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USA today/Reuters writes about how blogs are fast gaining corporate recognition and soon may be acknowledged simply as important.

In a sign blogs are moving mainstream, major technology companies including Microsoft and IBM came together at a recent conference to discuss the profit potential of the Web publishing format. Venture capitalists, start-ups, and technology titans gathered at the BlogOn 2004 hosted at University of California Berkeley's Haas Business School to consider the commercial use of blogs and issues, such as privacy concerns, that surround blogging.

This is an area that we have addressed some time ago and devote one third of our training to privacy, confidentiality, trade secrets, fair use and copyright issues. Basically, anything that can expose the company to consequences of careless blogging.

IBM sees blogs as a way to revolutionize employee communication, James Spohrer, director of IBM's Almaden Research Center points out:

It's about decreasing social space between employees, and increasing the amount of knowledge shared between people.

Informal and personal, blogs also pack a lot of marketing potential. Charlene Li, an analyst at Forrester Research says:

Blogs are a way to put a human face on the company because of the continuous interaction and relationships employees can develop with blog-readers.

Yeah, we know. Nice to hear it anyway...

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