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It's not a red herring
Posted by Adriana Cronin-Lukas
Tuesday, August 10, 2004 @ 09:28 AM
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Now, Red Herring's doing it - proclaiming to the world the goodness of the blogs.

Weblogs could help make or break your startup’s marketing strategy. Instead of dealing with finicky newspaper and magazine reporters on volatile deadlines, Weblogs – self-published, and often opinionated, Web pages updated by individuals or groups of bloggers – give entrepreneurs a way to communicate directly with potential customers.

What’s more, blogs are an accelerated and global form of word of mouth, with the potential to attract new customers and generate yet more media interest.

They polled several bloggers and public relations specialists for their tips on how to make waves in the blogsphere.

  1. Pay respect
  2. Keep tabs
  3. Make friends
  4. Mind your own business
  5. Join 'em…
  6. …but not just for publicity
  7. The best policy is honesty

Now all this sounds commonsensical to a blogger or to someone who understands the blogosphere. And this is very good advice, despite being given by a PR man. :-)

In a climate of corporate deceit, a company will get caught and lose credibility that will be extremely difficult – and in some cases impossible – to get back. It is all about building long-term trust.

We often describe blogs as credibility machines and used well they are a medium currently unrivalled in engaging and communicating with customers. For the blogging 'best practice' by companies we look at the science, art and law of blogging or how to blog, how to blog effectively and how to blog without getting sued. The advice in Red Herring would come under the art of blogging...

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