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Posted by Jackie Danicki
Wednesday, September 15, 2004 @ 02:28 AM
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Former Friendster engineer Joyce Park has told the story of her sacking to technology title Red Herring. Rick Bruner asks:

I still haven't heard Friendster's side of the story. Have they told it somewhere that I've overlooked?

Friendster reminds me of an infant who can't figure out that, just because he can't see the jack-in-the-box once it's stuffed inside and the lid is closed, it doesn't mean that the jack-in-the-box ceases to exist. The lid was blown off this story long ago, and Friendster is still pretending that the jack-in-the-box isn't there. For a company whose business is social networking, Friendster has a very tenuous grip - at best - on the fact that not showing up for the conversation does not mean that people aren't talking about you.

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